3 Stretches to Relieve Hip Pain

3 Stretches to Relieve Hip Pain

best stretches for hip pain


Hip pain often stop you living your life how you would like to. Simple tasks like walking to the bathroom or getting up off the sofa to put the kettle on can be extremely painful. It can also lead to further issues/conditions such as Sciatica and Lower Back Pain.

We've listed three stretches below that will help loosen your hips and relieve pain to make those little tasks a little easier.


1. Single Leg Knee Hugs

Knee hugs for hip pain

Lie on your back with your legs straight. Bring one knee up and hug it with your hands, towards your chest for 5 seconds. Release it and lower your leg back down to the floor. Swap legs and repeat with the other legs. If you struggle to get your knee right up to your chest, don’t force it, just pull it to a position that feels like it is working. If you have suffered any hip injury in the past or hip replacement, be careful with this exercise.


2. Pigeon Stretch

Pigeon stretch for hip pain

This stretch can be done either stood up or sat down (or both).

To perform it standing, cross one foot over the standing leg just above the knee. Sit back into it slightly whilst pushing your knee out and down. You will feel a stretch in your bum. To make it harder, sit into the stretch more.

To perform it sitting, sit with your legs out straight, again with one leg crossed over just above the knee of your straight leg. Pull your bent knee towards the opposite shoulder. You should again feel the stretch on the outside of your bum. To make it harder, pull the knee with more force to your shoulder.


3. Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis stretch for hip pain

Begin on the floor. Bend one knee and cross the leg underneath the other so that your knee is around hip height and the foot is just below the opposite hip, where a trouser pocket would be. Keep the other leg straight out behind you. Gently lower yourself, pushing the bent leg towards the ground. You should feel a stretch on the outside of the hip that is stretching. The more force you put into your knee creates a deeper stretch. You can also adjust the height of the foot until you feel the desired stretch.



Over to you! Performing those 3 exercises every day can begin to loosen off your hips and help manage your pain. Have you tried anything else that you found useful and could benefit our readers? Let us know in the comments box below!


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