Collection: Ankle Injury Rehabilitation Programmes

Ankle injuries are some of the most common injuries to present in physiotherapy clinics across the world. They are even more commonly noticed in team sports like football, netball and hockey; along with runners who often run across uneven ground.

The most common ankle injury is a lateral ankle sprain which is where "roll" your ankle to the outside. Once this is suffered, the rein jury rates are relatively high so it is importance to regain strength correctly to ensure you do not keep spraining the ankle again.

The achilles tendon is really positioned around the back of the foot/heel but can cause some referred pain to the ankle. The achilles attaches the calf muscles to the heel and is involved in movements of the ankle (pointing and raising the toes). It takes a lot of impact during movements like running, jumping and hopping. Inflammation can sometimes build up if the tendon is not strong enough to cope with the forces it has to, which leads to achilles tendonitis.