Collection: Knee Injury Rehabilitation Programmes

Knee injuries can be painful and often disrupt your daily life. Your knee is made up of four main ligaments: medial collateral ligament, lateral collateral ligament, posterior cruciate ligament and the widely discussed anterior cruciate ligament.

Your kneecap (patella) is connected to your quadricep muscles by the patella tendon, which can often become inflamed; known as patella tendonitis.

There are also cushions of padding within your joint to help absorb the forces between the bones that make up your knee. These are called menisci and can sometimes tear following twisting movements. Meniscus tears can be treated without surgery but it is important a strict rehabilitation programme is followed because the blood flow to your meniscus is poor and they can take some time to heal alone.

Due to the forces the knee has to absorb, it can often be susceptible to injury - especially during sports and/or exercise. Therefore it is important to make sure your rehabilitation is done correctly to prevent future injuries.