The 2 Best Products to Speed Up Your Frozen Shoulder Recovery


We appreciate that getting rid of your frozen shoulder is up there in your top priorities right now. So, we have scrolled the web to find two products that will help you on your journey down the road to recovery.

The following two products will help you manage your pain, which will then allow you to complete movements, stretches and exercises more effectively and in turn, speed up your recovery. We've even included direct links to Amazon so you can order them without even having to shop around!


1. Ibuleve Max 10% Ibuprofen Gel

Ibuleve Max 10% Ibuprofen Gel for Frozen Shoulder


Are you in pain? Are you looking for a gel to reduce your pain and swelling fast and effectively? Have you used brands before that haven’t touched your pain? Are you looking for the strongest ibuprofen gel on the market? Then this is what you need.

Do you already have a pain relief gel that isn’t working? Check the concentration %. A lot of the main brands are just 1-2% in concentration. This pain relief gel boasts a huge 10% ibuprofen content, which means it is much stronger than others on the shelves, and the strongest you can buy.

Purchase from Amazon.


2. Koolpak Reusable Hot & Cold Pack (Set of 3)

KoolPak Hot Cold Reusable Packs Set of 3 for Frozen Shoulder

Handily capable of being used as either a heat pack or an ice pack, this set of 3 Koolpak hot/cold packs can help reduce pain of an injury at any staged. They can be used in the early stages of an injury as an ice pack to reduce inflammation and bruising, or they can be used towards later stages as a hot pack to reduce muscular tension and improve flexibility.

This set of 3 packs means you don’t have to wait for one to freeze before using it again, you can use one while they others are in the freezer! The fact their are 3 in each order also helps anyone looking to use contrast therapy where they alternate between hot and cold packs to improve circulation and speed up recovery.

Purchase from Amazon


Over to You 

So they are our two most recommended products to go alongside any rehabilitation programme to treat a frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis for the posh ones amongst us). Do you have any product recommendations for us? We'd love to hear from you in the comments box below so that we can test them out and recommend them to future readers!

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