Frequently Asked Questions

What actually happens during an initial assessment?

I made a short but detailed YouTube video which explains exactly what to expect from your first appointment. You can watch it here. But of course if you have any questions or would like to check anything before you book in, you get contact me here.

Where are you based?

I'm currently based inside Skegness Town FC's football stadium on Wainfleet Road. To get in, visit the main entrance (next to the car wash). As you walk in, you'll see my sign and seating area.

Do you only deal with sports injuries?

Absolutely not! I do have a lot of experience with sports injuries after working in sports for years, but the majority of my patients aren't sporty at all. I see a range of injuries from long term back pain, stiff necks and ankle sprains.

Do you offer sports massage?

Yes I do! You can book a full body sports massage, or either a back or legs sports massage. We'll have a quick chat before to see if there's any areas that you are struggling with but it's ok if you're just visiting as a precaution!

If you do have a specific injury or area of pain you would like me to look at though, I would recommend booking an "injury assessment" as your first appointment. This still includes treatment so you can still have a sports massage if that will help your issues, but it will just give us a bit more time to assess the problem thoroughly.

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing much! If you have any medical letters, scan reports etc that would be handy but don't worry if not. I recommend loose, comfy clothing so that I can access the area I need to assess easily. But don't worry if you're coming straight from work - we can always work around it!

Will I need more than one appointment?

Not necessarily. Sometimes patients feel better after just one sessions, sometimes you need more than one.

In an ideal world, we'll go through your injury, do some treatment and I'll give you some exercises to go home with. Then you'd come back in a couple of weeks to review them and tweak the exercises to keep you progressing. Everyone is different but I'm not one for getting you to block book 10 sessions up front if you don't definitely need them... I'd rather play it by ear!

Do you accept insurance payments?

Sometimes. It depends what governing body your insurers accept. It is usually best for you to pay for your sessions up front and then claim the cost back directly with them. I can provide receipts etc for you to pass on to them.

Do you accept medico-legal referrals?

I work alongside a physiotherapist in a consultancy roll who accepts medio-legal referrals. We work together to provide treatment for those that have been in accidents etc and need access to physiotherapy.


Do you have a question that I haven't covered? Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!